Frank Skinner turned down Benefits Street: ‘I think I made the right decision’

Frank Skinner has revealed that he turned down a job doing the voiceover for controversial documentary Benefits Street because he didn’t want to be derogatory about people from Birmingham.

The West Bromwich-born comedian told the Birmingham Mail that he wasn’t interested in narrating the Channel 4 series because he worried that it would paint the city in a bad light.

He explained: “The production company sent me a couple of clips which were very nice. They said it was going to be about the community spirit in the street, but I was a bit worried about the topic. They only showed me a very small part of a five-episode series, and I wondered what the rest would be like.

“I thought ‘I don’t really want to be involved in something where I’m derogatory about people from Birmingham’.

“I can imagine there would be a lot of awkward moments in the recording studio when I said ‘I’m not going to say that’. I really don’t want to be on TV criticising Birmingham.”

Frank added: “I care what people from Birmingham think about me, which is why I didn’t want to do Benefits Street.

“I haven’t seen the programme yet, but from what I’ve heard I think I made the right decision.”