Frankie Boyle hits out at tax accusations

TV funnyman Frankie Boyle has hit back at allegations over his tax arrangements after they were called into question in the press.

The outspoken comedian, who formerly hosted Mock The Week, came under scrutiny in the Daily Mail, who claimed he “could have avoided paying nearly £900,000 tax through the voluntary liquidation of his firm last year”.

And they suggested that Boyle may also have benefitted from sharp but legal practices on the fortune he has earned through TV shows, live appearances, DVDs and book sales, by winding up Traskor Productions Limited, of which he is the sole shareholder.

By doing so, the paper reported, it was possible that he was able to pay a tax rate of just 10 per cent as opposed to the 50 per cent he would have been subjected to if he had taken money out as dividends or income.

However Boyle – who previously hit out at fellow comedian Jimmy Carr over his own tax affairs – said on Twitter he had probably paid more tax than most celebrities and politicians.

“From 2007 I have paid £2.7 million in tax and this equates to just under 40% of my income. There’s a lot of things people do to avoid paying tax and I don’t do any of them.

“I wound my company up for legal reasons separate from tax and my accountant applied for tax relief on this. This tax relief is approximately half of the tax saving the Mail quoted in its article today. I am certain I pay more tax than most people in show business and the cabinet.”

Boyle had been critical of Carr following his tax row, which while legal was denounced by prime minister David Cameron as “straightforward tax avoidance”.

Carr – who was mocked on last weekend’s 8 out of 10 Cats following the row, later said he had made “a terrible error of judgment”.

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