Controversial X Factor finalist Frankie Cocozza has said that nobody should have expected him to be a role model on the show.

Speaking on spin-off show The Xtra Factor the 18-year-old – who was booted off the show on Tuesday amid claims he had been boasting about taking drugs – said everybody should have known what he was like from his very first appearance.

“From my first audition I walked out on stage and got my bum out and had seven girls tattooed on it. And people are saying ‘he’s not a good role model’, but they should have known that from the start,” he said.

“I’ve had this massive reaction, and reading all the stuff, I’ve realised that I was starting to be a role model and, yeah, I feel bad about that now, really bad about it now. Hopefully one day maybe people will look up to me in a good way. Can’t really see it happening but who knows.”

Frankie also apologised to his mentor Gary Barlow once again in the interview – and admitted he had been warned to curb his reckless behaviour.

“Gary said you need to tone it down after I’d been out a few times. Quite a few people told me to calm down really,” Frankie said.

“It’s been a hard few weeks. No one gave a scoobie who I am, now people in the street are trying to give me a hard time. It’s not easy, but I’ve got to deal with it myself.

“There’s a lot of people trying to give me a hard time, but no matter how they try they’re not going to be able to give me a harder time than I’m giving myself,” he added.