England cricket legend Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff has been panning for gold at a remote mine in the middle of Brazil.

“I’m really into gold-mining – I’ve read lots about it and watched plenty of documentaries,” Freddie told What’s On TV recently. “The only thing about those gold TV shows is they never find anything! Where as I got a pan and found gold, it’s easy!

“We were at this little family gold mine and they gave me this little nugget of gold, not much, to take home with me. They were so nice. It’s worth about £30 so it’s more of a keepsake…”

Finding gold is just one of the adventures Freddie enjoyed while completing another challenge for his new Sky1 documentary Flintoff’s Road To Nowhere, screening this April.

The two-parter sees Freddie cycling thousands of miles with his environmentalist pal Rob Penn, as they head through the Brazilian rainforest, learning about the devastating effects of deforestation. As they cycled along the dirt tracks and pot-holed roads of the Trans-Amazonian highway in Brazil, they had to avoid bad truck drivers, robbers and the odd dangerous animal. Saddle sores were a big problem, too!

“Saddle sore’s not good!” laughs Freddie, who’s also a team captain in Sky1’s sports quiz A League Of Their Own. “You get sore in places you didn’t even know you had!”

Watch a clip of Freddie cycling through the rainforest and looking for gold in the Sky1 documentary, Flintoff’s Road To Nowhere, coming this April: