Freddie Starr vows to bring Operation Yewtree ‘to its knees’

TV comedian Freddie Starr has said he will bring Operation Yewtree ‘down to its knees’ after he was arrested by police for the fourth time.

The frail 71-year-old, who has been questioned over historic sex abuse claims, has accused the authorities of conducting a ‘celebrity witch-hunt’ as he said that the allegations had ruined his life.

“My whole life has been put on hold. The past year has nearly destroyed me. I can’t work, no one wants to book me,” Freddie told the Mirror.

“I’ve been tarred with the same brush as Savile and Gary Glitter. What’s happened to me is unlawful. The police and the Crown Prosecution Service are playing dirty.”

Starr added: “They are targeting innocent people because they failed to get the one person who was guilty of horrific crimes, Jimmy Savile.”

The comic was first arrested in 2012 over claims linked directly to Savile but has not been charged with anything in spite of repeated questioning.

“Police have left me in limbo for so long,” said Starr, who remains on bail. “It’s making me ill.”

Operation Yewtree was set up in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, with 16 arrests made so far.

Starr’s arrest comes after DJ Dave Lee Travis was acquitted of 12 out of 14 sex offence charges earlier this week.

Coronation Street star William Roache was also recently cleared of charges relating to historic sex abuse, although his case was not related to Yewtree.