Free Birds | Film review – Featherbrained! Owen & Woody’s animated turkeys fail to take flight


An animated comedy adventure about a pair of time-travelling turkeys, Free Birds is a mostly featherbrained affair that will probably bore or bewilder youngsters, despite a sprinkling of mildly funny lines and a genial voice cast led by Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson and Amy Poehler.

Wilson’s puny hero Reggie has the good fortune of being the Thanksgiving Turkey, the bird traditionally pardoned by the US president, but his life of ease at Camp David (gobbling pizza and goggling TV) is rudely interrupted when Harrelson’s turkey activist Jake press-gangs him into a dotty mission.

The plan: sneak off with the president’s top-secret time-travel machine (you didn’t know?) and go back to the site of the very first Thanksgiving, Plymouth Colony in 1621, to ensure that turkeys stay off the menu.

A flurry of chases, scraps and scrapes ensues, interspersed with a romance for Reggie with Poehler’s Jenny, the plucky (ahem) daughter of the local turkey chieftain, but the muddled story and lacklustre animation makes this a film that’s strictly for the birds.


Certificate U. Runtime 91 mins. Director Jimmy Hayward.


To activate the sound in the trailer: hold your cursor over the screen to reveal the control panel and click on the volume control in the bottom right-hand corner.

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