French and Saunders promised to continue working together after collecting their Academy Fellowship award at the television Baftas.

Speaking after Sunday’s ceremony, Dawn French said: “The sketch show format has come to an end, but we will work together. We couldn’t not. We know there will be various things hopefully.”

Jennifer Saunders said there would be another series of Jam And Jerusalem and a tour of Australia.

Asked what they would say to the younger versions of themselves, Jennifer replied: “Dress better.”

Dawn added: “I think we did everything just tickety boo… I’m looking forward to the next female double act whoever they are.”

Asked about their favourite sketch, Dawn said: “I love it when we’re in the white room together”, and Jennifer added: “To finish on Mamma Mia it’s a joy beyond joy.”

Told that she looked uncannily like Meryl Streep, Jennifer responded: “She looks uncannily like me.

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