Fresh Meat’s Kimberley: ‘I really like my drunk scenes’

Fresh Meat star Kimberley Nixon has revealed that while she enjoys her character’s drunken scenes in the show, she has sworn off fake red wine on set.

The actress admitted she has banned her character Josie from drinking the substitute juice drink on set because it made her go to the bathroom constantly.

“We drink fake drinks, which the set designers have perfected. So when it was red wine at the dinner party (in the last series), it was a lot of prune and grape juice.

Let’s just say it turned biblical and there was only one loo,” she recalled.

“Never again. Josie doesn’t do red wine now. Often I just say let’s have a vodka and coke so I can just drink coke. But I’m endlessly peeing,” she added.

Kimberley said she loves doing the scenes where Josie is drunk.

“Over the years I’ve played drunk a lot. My favourite drunk scenes are when Josie is on her own – she really makes me laugh,” she said.

“It got to the point last series when I barely had a sober scene. But I liked it. You can really relax, let yourself go and look disgusting. You just tell the truth, which is a nice thing for your character to do, but dangerous too,” she added.

Fresh Meat continues on Channel 4 on Mondays.


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