F&$!x&? It’s The Island With Swear Grylls as reality TV show sets bad language record

Reality show The Island With Bear Grylls managed to notch up an impressive 95 swear words in 45 minutes.

The Channel 4 series sees eight men and eight women stranded on an uninhabited island in the Pacific after survival training with Bear. They must fend for themselves – finding food, water and shelter.

The men - Daniel, Simon, Elliot, Patrick, Rizwan, Ben, chris and Rob

The men – Daniel, Simon, Elliot, Patrick, Rizwan, Ben, Chris and Rob (Channel 4)


According to The Sun, 2.5 million tuned in for the 9pm start, but just a million made it to the end of the programme.

The series opener on Monday night reportedly included 67 instances of the F-word, 23 uses of ‘s***’ and one C-word.

After Cassie Farrell quit during the episode, her fellow islander Tilly Martin ranted: “You f****** lazy c*** – good, see you later! You’re no good to us! You f****** sign up you do it you d***head!”

Cassie in The Island with Bear Grylls

Cassie in The Island with Bear Grylls (Channel 4 Television)


The swearing left many viewers shocked – and even reaching for the remote.


In fact, some were distinctly unimpressed.



It even put off future applicants…


Although some were more forgiving.


The potty-mouthed islanders may well have broken a record – as this is believed to be the highest number of swear words in a single episode of a British show.

But it comes nowhere near the world record, which is held by US comedy show Strutter.

Channel 4 told The Sun: “The show was preceded by a warning of strong language throughout and it was appropriately scheduled after the watershed.”

Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls (Channel 4)


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