Gabby Logan goes public about Twitter ‘lies’

TV presenter Gabby Logan has spoken of her frustration over false rumours on Twitter about her private life.

She said she would do everything she could to protect her family, but said she could not take action against everyone using the social networking site to spread lies.

The 38-year-old host of the BBC’s Final Score said: “My name was brought into this mess with someone else, accusing me of something which is clearly not true and the newspapers knew this and they published a story saying it wasn’t true, but it is happening because super-injunctions are in place and people are trying to guess who is involved.”

Speaking on ITV’s Daybreak programme, she said: “Newspapers clearly think it’s a curtailing of the freedom of speech, which it is, but how do you police the internet?”

The mother-of-two, married to former Scotland rugby international Kenny Logan, said her reputation had been damaged by the false allegations, which linked her to former footballer Alan Shearer.

She told presenter Adrian Chiles: “To tell lies about people, and lies about their family – that’s where it ends for me.

“I protect my family to the end and I’m not going to have that, but clearly I can’t go around suing everyone on Twitter.

“It is muddying the waters for people who have done nothing wrong.”

Gabby was on the show to promote National Schools Sports Week, of which she is an ambassador.

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