Garfunkel would sing with Simon

Art Garfunkel says he will reunite with Paul Simon – should his voice recover.
Art, 71, has suffered from a long-standing problem with his voice which has baffled medics, although he is convinced it will come back as strong as ever.
“There’s nothing to say at the moment, because my voice isn’t better yet. But when it is, yes, I’m sure we’ll do something,” he said of a Simon and Garfunkel reunion.
“We both know it would be fun to do another world tour.”
Rumours have abounded that Simon and Garfunkel are no longer on speaking terms, but Art is happy to reveal that the pair have been starting similar rumours since they were 11.
“He bugs me. He’s a wise-ass. But he’s also very funny – and laughs are a great tonic in life – and he’s my favourite musician,” Art said.
“I’ve had shows where backstage I’ve hated him. And vice versa. But then we’ll be on stage and the three of us make this sound – me, him and the guitar, and we’re 11 once more, and in love all over again.”
:: Art Garfunkel’s double album The Singer is out now