Unlike his wife Danielle, Gary Lineker will never do a reality TV show.

The former England star and football pundit says he wouldn’t even consider the idea unless his career needed a boost.

Gary said: “I don’t fancy doing a reality TV show, and if you see me on one then you know things have gone horribly wrong!”

Gary, whose wife Danielle appeared on Hell’s Kitchen, added: “Funnily enough I’ve just started ice-skating with the little one – with Ella – and I’ve actually found I’m not bad, bizarrely.

“So if I had to do one then it would be that, although it’s a bit poncey isn’t it?!”, said Gary, who is stepdad to Danielle’s seven-year-old daughter Ella.

“I certainly, under no circumstances, would ever consider doing the jungle (in I’m a Celebrity…), unless I completely lost my mind. I couldn’t think of anything worse!,” he said.

As for Strictly Come Dancing, he said he would like to see his wife on it: “I can’t dance at all! I’m completely useless, so I wouldn’t go on that show. I could possibly see Danielle wanting to do Strictly.

“I’m sure if she had a go at the dancing, she’d like it – it’s nice and glam. And she looks like she moves all right to me…”