Gately’s relatives ‘vindicated’ by test results

Stephen Gately’s grieving relatives have said they feel “vindicated” after a judge ruled the Boyzone singer died of natural causes.

The Irish singer was found dead on Saturday on the sofa of his apartment in Port Andratx, Majorca, after a night out with his civil partner Andrew Cowles.

A Majorcan court official said that Gately, 33, suffered a pulmonary oedema, an accumulation of fluid on the lungs. The underlying cause was not revealed.

There has been speculation that Gately had choked on his own vomit. A court official declined to say if he had vomited before his death.

She could not say if he had drunk alcohol or taken drugs but said, either way, they were not the cause of his death.

While Cowles visited Gately’s body to pay his respects, his family announced that his funeral would take place on Saturday.

A judge agreed that Gately’s body could be returned home to Ireland after a post-mortem examination. It is understood that Gately’s Boyzone bandmates will be returning to the island, but it is unclear when.

Lawyer Gerald Kean, a spokesman for Gately’s family in Ireland, said: “The family are pleased that the post-mortem has been completed. They are pleased that the results of the post-mortem vindicate exactly what they said all along, that Stephen died as a result of natural causes.

“They would like to thank the authorities in Spain and Ireland for doing everything in their power to complete formalities as quickly as possible to get Stephen’s body home.”

Mr Kean said the family was planning the funeral to take place at noon on Saturday. It is thought Gately’s body could be flown home on Friday for a private wake at his family home.

The star was born and bred in the Sheriff Street area of Dublin and his funeral will be held at St Laurence O’Toole’s Church.