Gavin and Stacey could be back for a third series, according to the show’s co-writer and star Ruth Jones.

Ruth, who plays Stacey’s best friend Nessa in the show, told BBC Newsbeat: “We’re not ruling it out but it would have to be a really good idea and a really good story.”

Ruth, who co-writes Gavin and Stacey with Smithy actor James Corden, said that although they were both busy with other projects she hadn’t ruled out a third series.

“We hardly ever see each other or speak to each other because we’re both doing other stuff at the moment. Who knows? Never say never,” she said.

Filming is due to begin on the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special this October but Ruth denied rumours that there would be any celebrity appearances.

“There are no plans as we speak to bring any celebs in but we’re really honoured that people like it so much. It’s essentially about our cast as we know it,” she added.

The Bafta award-winning pair would also love to work on a Hollywood film in the future .

She said: “I think James and I could probably write a really good romantic comedy one day, a big film.

“That’s what would be the ideal scenario if we ever get time to sit down and work together again. I think we’re a pretty good team.”