Gavin Henson gets a big shock!

Rugby international Gavin Henson takes part in an electrifying experiment.

Welsh rugby star Gavin Henson has faced some formidable opponents on the pitch over the years, but this week he tackles an even tougher challenge in Bravo’s Human Guinea Pig.

In the one-off show, Gavin, who recently split from his partner Charlotte Church, must decide whether to undergo an experiment that involves having a massive amount of electricity pass through him.

Here, he tells us more…

Taking part in Human Guinea Pig was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done… But I’ve been searching for that adrenaline rush that I get from rugby after being out of the game with injuries for the past year, and this did the trick.

When I found out I would be hit by 750,000 volts of electricity, I said there was no way I’d do it… Then they said scientist Greg Foot would do it instead, and I started to get competitive. I had all my mates there cheering me on, and I couldn’t lose to a geeky scientist.

The production team tried to scare me as much as possible… Greg passed electricity through a pig carcass, a tent and a shed, which all exploded. They also said I shouldn’t really do it as I have fillings in my teeth and metal in my ankle from an operation, so I was worried.

I felt quite powerful during the experiments… The electricity gave me a warm, buzzing feeling. I thought I might come out with magical powers, but that didn’t happen!

Electricity is dangerous, and I hope people will learn more about it from this… My father is a roofer, and he cut through a power line about five years ago. He had a massive electric shock and is still on medication as a result.

I visited the Arctic Circle recently and it was a hell of an experience… I went for a new ITV1 show called 71 Degrees North and we got to do lots of different challenges, which I loved.

I would probably be working as a roofer with my old man if I hadn’t gone into rugby… I used to work with him between the ages of 12 and 16, juggling roofing with going to school. Luckily, rugby came my way and my sporting career just took off.

I am missing rugby a lot… I am waiting until I am mentally 100 per cent ready to get back into it, as I don’t want to go in half-heartedly. I look after myself well physically, so I think I will be able to play well beyond the average retirement age. I have never been to a World Cup, and that is something I would love to add to my CV.

Gavin Henson: Human Guinea Pig can be seen on July 1 at 9pm on Bravo.

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