Strictly Come Dancing‘s Gavin Henson has said there is no chance of a fling with partner Katya Virshilas – as he is staying single during the series.

The rugby star and ex-fiance of Charlotte Church has reportedly sworn off women for as long as he is in the competition, to allow him to concentrate on his dancing.

And it scotches rumours that he and Katya were getting close after recent pictures of them enjoying a dinner date emerged in the press.

“Gavin is not allowed to date while he is in the competition,” Katya told the News Of The World.

“I told him I would prefer it for him not to and he’s agreed it’s a good idea to be single so he can devote time to Strictly.

“So right now I am the only woman in his life. And as for rumours of anything going on between us – they’re just that, rumours.”

However Katya – who is in a relationship with her professional dance partner Klaus Kongsdal – admitted that she does find Gavin attractive.

“Don’t get me wrong,” she said. “Gavin is a wicked guy and I like him very much. He is quite a handsome man – and he’s not bad to look at for eight hours a day.

“But I just don’t see him that way. I’m very much in love with my lovely boyfriend.”