Gavin & Stacey to end at series three, says Corden

Gavin and Stacey co-creator James Corden says the show will definitely finish after the next series.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4, Corden said he and Ruth Jones wouldn’t revive it for further series or specials, although he joked: “We might need some money… But the way it’s looking at the moment, no.”

Corden acknowledged that he and Gavin and Stacey actor Matthew Horne were currently over-exposed, with the BBC3 comedy show Horne and Corden, new film Lesbian Vampire Killers and presenting the recent Brit Awards.

“You can’t believe constant praise and you can’t believe constant criticism,” said Corden. “You have to take it on board. I don’t think you can ignore people and brush it off and be dismissive… You might miss the mark every now and then.”

Horne added: “What’s important to us – as we expose ourselves more and put more things out there – is that you have to take what your personal experience is of that event or that particular job.

“The Brit Awards was something we couldn’t turn down. We did our best. It’s a difficult room which perhaps doesn’t come across on the television. We’re very proud of what we did and we had a brilliant time.”

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