Couch Potato Pickings

On Film4 this afternoon at 3.10pm

A couple of years ago, my partner and I headed out on a drive into the countryside and found ourselves passing cheery people huddled at the roadside on their camping chairs, clutching their flasks and waving as we drove by.

How odd, we thought, until we spotted a shiny vintage car chugging along ahead, and then another, and then we got stuck behind one which eventually ran out of steam and had to pull over…

Yes, we’d found ourselves on the same route as the infamous London to Brighton car rally, which is what this classic movie today is about.

Like those cheery roadside well-wishers, this film comes with a good-hearted sense of fun, as well as offering the drama of a few spats between the contestants en route.

This is the perfect film for a Sunday afternoon.

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