George Galloway is apparently suing producers of police drama The Bill, claiming that a corrupt MP was based on him.

The former Glasgow MP, who now represents Bethnal Green and Bow for his Respect party, is said to be outraged over three-part special Moving Target, which featured a fictional MP, Paul Sagger, who was charged with smuggling.

A source close to Galloway told the Daily Record: “He is in talks with his lawyers this week.

“The legal action is based on an episode of The Bill where a politician with uncanny similarities to George turned out to be venal and corrupt – and that there was a clear inference.”

Moving Target, which pulled in six million viewers when it was shown on ITV1 last November, saw Sagger come under investigation after being shot in the shoulder at a Rock Against Racism concert.

Sagger, played by Tom Chadbon, was later charged with illegally importing artefacts from Iraq.

The fictional MP is also seen playing up to TV cameras to help promote the Rock Against Racism Concert – a gig held in real life in Galloway’s constituency.

The source said: “Galloway’s links with Iraq are well known. He is an east London MP and Sun Hill is meant to be set in east London. And the Rock Against Racism concerts are held in Victoria Park – which is in George’s constituency.

“The viewers will have seen a man about the same age as George, playing an east London MP with links to Iraq and Rock Against Racism, being charged with smuggling. The conclusions are fairly obvious, you would have thought.”

Ron McKay, an official spokesman for Galloway, said: “George cannot make any comment because of the current legal state of affairs.”