George Sampson reveals horror film dream

Waterloo Road actor George Sampson has revealed that he would like to try his hand at starring in a horror film – after having a dream about appearing in one.

The former Britain’s Got Talent winner – who is also currently appearing in the movie Streetdance 2 – admitted that it would make a good addition to his acting CV.

“I’ve done bad boy now, at the moment I’m doing footballer in Waterloo Road, and Eddie in Streetdance 2’s just me. I might do a horror movie,” George said.

“I had this weird, weird dream that I was in a horror movie. It was a cool dream!”

And the 18-year-old added that he already knew which role he would like to play. “I’d be the killer,” he added. “What fun is there in running and screaming? I’m not a very good screamer.”

George also revealed that he is branching out into music production, and spends a lot of time in his own studio.

“I can sit in there from 4pm on Friday, make a song and next thing I know it’s Monday morning at 3am,” he said. I lose track of time in there.”

“I love making music, it’s so fun. I’m making a lot of dubstep, some hip-hop. I’ve tried bits of pop but it just can’t go through me. I can listen to it but making it is too cheesy so I’ve made a lot of dark stuff.”