Georgina Campbell’s new role is unparalled. Here’s why…

Georgina Campbell is best known for her roles in gritty dramas in Murdered By My Boyfriend and One Night, but she will soon be seen taking on a much light role.

The actress plays Kate in E4′s new sci-fi comedy drama Tripped, about two friends who get sucked into a parallel world and are trying to find their way home.

George Webster, Blake Harrison and Georgina Campbell star in Tripped George Webster, Blake Harrison and Georgina Campbell star in Tripped (Angus Young/Channel 4)

She plays the fiancee of central character Danny – played by The Inbetweeners’ Blake Harrison – although in reality this means she’s actually playing six different versions of Kate.

Confused? Georgina explains: “So you have the first world – the original world – which you’re put into, and I play Danny’s fiancee Kate. I’m only seen briefly there, as in each universe the boys travel to they meet a different version of me.

Georgina Campbell and Blake Harrison in TrippedGeorgina Campbell and Blake Harrison in Tripped (Angus Young/Channel 4)

“It’s interesting as you get to see how Kate’s life could have been different if certain things had happened. It’s a bit Sliding Doors!”

As for the comedy in her role, she said: “It’s great; it’s a completely different style of acting, which is a nice challenge.

“I’d like to do more within this genre as comedy improvisation is something I would like to get better at; and plus, my family is pleased I’m doing something that they won’t constantly have to cry over.”

The actress gave a glimpse into the different worlds the characters would discover.

“There’s a post-apocalyptic, dog-eat-dog world full of warriors; a world on the brink of WWIII, in which everyone is hedonistic and taking drugs; and a number of others that see our characters taking routes that could potentially change their outlook on life.”

Georgina CampbellGeorgina Campbell (Joel Ryan/Invision)

Georgina also confessed that she still hasn’t quite got over her Bafta best actress win earlier this year for her incredible performance in BBC Three’s Murdered By My Boyfriend, which saw her play a victim of domestic abuse.

And she said she would definitely be better prepared if she won another award.

Georgina Campbell with her BaftaGeorgina Campbell with her Bafta (Joel Ryan/AP)


“It still feels quite strange, but because I’ve been talking about it a lot – in fact, I won’t shut up about it – it’s becoming something I’m getting used to. The award is at home on my windowsill – not so glamorous.

“If it comes around again, I would definitely write a speech – especially because I didn’t mention or thank any of my family last time. I got up on stage and was so shocked. The sad thing is next time I’ll go well prepared and I won’t win! I’ll just be there with my little speech, waiting.”

The opening episode of Tripped airs on E4 on Tuesday, 8 December.

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