Ricky Gervais has admitted he struggles to accept his fame and doesn’t see himself as a celebrity.

“I’ve only been in this business for seven years and I still pinch myself, particularly with how well The Office did and the people we got to work in Extras,” he revealed at his film Ghost Town’s press conference at the Toronto Film Festival.

“I mean, that’s still weird to me that even Robert De Niro has heard of me, let alone wants to fly to England for a day. It’s very strange,” he added.

Unlike his most famous character, David Brent, Ricky says he’s not motivated by the money.

“I still know why I’m doing it,” he said. “I do it for the creative process, and only that. Awards shows are fun, and the money’s good – actually, it’s brilliant – but I do it because something in you has to do it. And I think you have to remember that, otherwise it will be weird.”

Ricky, who won an Emmy award for the US version of The Office, has also said he sticks to roles that he can relate to.

“If I’m writing it, then it’ll have my standpoint, and if I’m ever hired as an actor again, it’s got to be the right project because you sort of have to know where you are,” Ricky said.

“I’m not one of these actors that think I always have to do something different to be versatile. I’m not really an actor for hire, I’m a comedian.”