As MGM HD‘s weekend of zombies, monsters and vampires continues, here’s what’s coming at ya! For early birds, Boris Karloff goes all HP Lovecraft in the 1965 shocker Die, Monster, Die! at 6.35am, while Lauren Hutton puts the bite on Jim Carrey in the 1980’s vampire comedy Once Bitten at 8am. And, at 9.25am, Ray Milland shares a body with Rosie Grier as The Thing with Two Heads – they certainly don’t make them like this anymore, thankfully (check out the trailer by clicking on the title).

And speaking of schlock, Trolls take over MGM HD at 11.10am with a double bill of  bizarre goings-on. This is followed by the apocalyptic mess Night of the Comet at 2.20pm, while AIP’s Vincent Price-in-waiting Robert Quarry gives his career-best performance in 1970s Count Yorga, Vampire at 4pm (the van scene still gives me the shivers).

At 5.40pm Joan Collins’ bitchy real estate agent gets her just deserts in Bert I Gordon’s monstrous 1970s eco-horror Empire of the Ants; before 1975’s Squirm is unleashed at 7.15pm. In this UK HD premiere, former US soap actor Don Scardino heads up Jeff Lieberman’s cult midnite movie in which killer sandworms overrun a small town in Georgia during a blackout. Sfx wizard Rick Baker did the make-up effects.

MGM HD‘s monster weekend concludes with Species III (9pm) and the rarely-seen 1972 bloodsucker Grave of the Vampire (10.55pm) – I’ll be setting my Sky+ for this one.