Gethin Jones has revealed he is thinking of turning to the internet to find love.

The Welsh TV presenter may be a well known heart-throb, but he told The Sun he finds it difficult to meet potential girlfriends and is thinking of signing up to dating app Tinder.

Gethin – who split from fiancee Katherine Jenkins in 2011 after four years together – revealed: “I went on Tinder with my mate the other day as I find it absolutely fascinating.

“I spent some time in America recently and guys there are just on it because they want to have sex.

“But I would like to go on there and meet someone nice for a date as it makes it easier.

“I am 36 now. Where do you meet girls? In a bar? I don’t know. It is really difficult to meet people.”

The host of ITV quiz show The 21st Question has been linked to TV presenter Amanda Byram. But he insisted they are just friends, saying: “All my mates are like, ‘You are a legend!’ but if only that was reality.

“Amanda and I became friends after we did a Sport Relief thing together.”

And in the meantime, Gethin is open to offers on social media.

He said: “If women want to find me they can tweet me. That would be lovely if any girls out there fancied a date!”