Gethin Jones: Mums give me daughters’ numbers!

TV presenter Gethin Jones has revealed that while other celebrities are given phone numbers by fans, he has mothers giving him their daughter’s numbers instead.

The Daybreak reporter – who split from fiancee Katherine Jones at the end of last year, told the Mirror has has no shortage of female attention, even if it wasn’t quite the sort he was expecting.

“Some celebrities get phone numbers thrust into their hands, I get mums giving me the numbers of their daughters because they think I am nice to girls,” he said.

“I am like, ‘How old is she?’ and I laugh. Then I realise they are being serious!

He added, “I also get some odd tweets, pictures of girls not wearing very much. My mates can’t see the problem but all I can see is a whole host of worry and anguish. It’s better than being told you are horrible I guess!”

Gethin, 34, added that the attention levelled at his former relationship with Katherine – who recently finished second on the US Strictly spin-off Dancing With The Stars – was sometimes “scary”.

“The support we had in our relationship, and since then, from people has been amazing,” he admitted, “so I never know what the right thing to say is when people ask me about her.”

“I want to respect her privacy and be dignified. I’m not going to say Katherine is a bitch because she isn’t and it’s not how I feel. Kath and I had a friendship and still do.”

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