Gethin Jones: Remembrance Week TV role made me want to join up

Gethin Jones has said presenting BBC One’s Remembrance Week from Afghanistan has made him want to join up, too.

The Daybreak presenter has fronted the series of military programmes for three years now and said his contact with the troops had had a lasting effect on him.

He admitted: “I’ve been looking into becoming a reservist. I have this connection with the way they do their business. It’s very disciplined and I like that, so I’m just looking to see if there’s anything I can do to help. Nothing to report yet, but I’m looking into it.”

Gethin, 35, said the presenting job made his family a little nervous.

“Not for one second do I realise the implications of going out there. That’s felt mostly by my family, when they’re going, ‘You’re not going out there again are you?’ But I love it, and I feel very blessed to be chosen to do the job, to host it and to tell the stories,” he said.

“My parents picked me up from the airport when we flew back with the rest of the troops. I was quite keen for them to see all the soldiers meeting their friends, families and kids [off the plane]. That was very powerful. Six months away from home… imagine how much a child changes in that time.”

Gethin said seeing troops reunited with their families made him emotional, adding: “On the way home, my mum and dad were talking about how nice that was. As parents, they understood it from a different angle.”

Remembrance Week begins on BBC One on Monday, November 4.


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