Gethin Jones says he hopes to be ‘the best husband possible’ to Katherine Jenkins.

The former Blue Peter presenter met mezzo soprano Katherine in 2007, and they’re set to get married next year.

Of his forthcoming role as husband, Gethin said: “It’s probably going to be the best job I ever have and one I’ll want to do the best I can at. Family for me is about staying together and hopefully I’ll be the best husband possible.”

But Gethin joked that Katherine was jealous of his The Adventurer’s Guide To Britain co-presenter Charlotte Uhlenbroek, with whom he took off for a string of filmed adventure weekends.

He said: “People don’t have much cash for holidays at the moment, but take your pick of any of six those weekends and you’ll have a fab time.

“Charlotte and I had six really amazing weekends away. I think Kath was probably quite jealous as I was having so much fun with another woman each weekend.”

*The Adventurer’s Guide To Britain begins on ITV1 on Tuesday, November 22.