Six years on from You Are What You Eat, nutritionist Gillian McKeith wants to convince women they can eat themselves sexy in just eight weeks! Here she reveals more…

In the first episode, we meet 46-year-old mum-of-two Sharon. What was her diet issue?
“Sharon was addicted to simple carbohydrates – sugars, pies and pastries – anything that was a quick fix and gave a big sugar release into the body.”

One of the first things you did was get rid of these foods and introduce things such as garlic, parsley and buckwheat porridge. How did Sharon take to this?
“Being addicted to these foods affects a person’s ability to taste and Sharon didn’t like my new food plan at first – but I would tell her it’s not my food that’s bland, it’s your tastebuds!”

It’s not just Sharon’s diet that needs improving. How does she respond when you try to make her go to the gym?
“Sharon didn’t like going to the gym because she thought everyone would be staring at her. So we started doing exercise inside the house, like vigorously cleaning the windows and going up and down stairs.”

Did Sharon eventually start reacting positively to your food and exercise plan?
“Sharon drove me absolutely bonkers at first – she was so negative and had no energy to do anything. But she’s now going to the gym three times a week and, most importantly, she’s been able to reconnect with her husband. Sharon’s definitely got her mojo back!”

*Eat Yourself Sexy with Gillian McKeith launches on Monday, March 8 at 10pm on Discovery Real Time*