Feisty Scottish health guru Gillian McKeith has apparently complained of feeling victimised after being forced to drop ‘Dr’ from her advertising.

The health expert’s company, McKeith Research, agreed to drop the title after concerns were raised that people might mistake her for a medically qualified doctor.

“I feel like I’m being bullied,” the 46-year-old told Closer magazine. “You’d think I was trying to perform brain surgery. I’ve never tried to pretend I’m medically qualified – I’m entitled to use ‘Dr’ because I have a PhD in Holistic Nutrition, which I studied for four years to get.”

Gillian’s not used to being on the wrong side of a ticking off – she is usually the one keeping the people who appear on her C4 show, You Are What You Eat, in check.

The row started when someone complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that her use of the title could be misleading.