Glee: How Couch Potato – channelling Sue Sylvester – sees it.

This morning my nostrils were filled with the acrid (and slightly
sweat-laced) stench of excited freaks.

And I’ll tell you why – because that dreadful show Glee has a third series
and it’s forcing its screeching noises and ugly faces into our living rooms

If you wish to protect your ears and eyes from this horror (and your nose
from the aforementioned smell), I suggest you buy yourself an eye mask, a
set of expensive ear plugs, some powerful room plug-ins and let a bunch of
greedy shrimps chew your dead foot skin for an hour.

How this dreadful show has come to be so popular I can only explain by
pointing the finger at recent economic hardship and a misguided urge to
escape into fantasy.

But asking someone to believe in a fantasy, no matter how comforting, is

Children must know fear. Without it, they’ll try snogging swans or dipping their French fries in oven cleaner.

My biggest concern is that the Glee tie-in-film hasn’t yet been made, unlike
that slightly less torturous singing and dancing teens show from the 1980s –
The Kids From Fame, which was spawned by a film about youngsters dancing in
leg warmers on top of a car.
Glee: The 3D Concert Movie), but it was just a concert video featuring those weird-looking losers screeching out a load of cheesy, gut-churning songs. It didn’t even bother to balance out the misery with an appearance from the show’s only true star Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch).

So, since this wasn’t a proper movie, I fear that horror awaits. Who knows,
with this third monstrosity poised to torture eardrums here and over in the
States, somebody – probably somebody talentless with a bum chin and curly
hair – could be cramming a slopbucket of showtunes into a 90 minute feature
as I speak – ready to suck all the world’s freaks and geeks into
popcorn-scented darkrooms to screech along like the obligatory tone deaf kid
in the school nativity play.

Luckily, I am wary, cautious and alert, and if I get the faintest whiff of
additional stale creased chin sweat, hair margarine or sulphurous teen diva
breath in the air, I’ll respond in a flash to launch my own online sick bag
store, where you’ll be able to purchase an attractive range of functional
vomit sacks in all shapes, colours and sizes to be used any time, any place,

Glee Season 3 starts tonight – 22nd Sept – on Sky 1 at 9pm,  but you’ll be relieved to
know that most large supermarkets will stock the necessary protection.

NB: The views in this post do not reflect the normal day to day views of Couch Potato – she loves Glee. She’s just been temporarily possessed by the views of Sue Sylvester today.

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