Andrew Castle’s luxury car has been returned to him by police after it was stolen from outside his home.

The GMTV host said he held little hope of seeing his £40,000 Jaguar XF again after it disappeared from his street in Balham, south London – but an eagle-eyed beat officer spotted it abandoned and undamaged in Norbiton, south-west London, two weeks later.

Former British No 1 tennis player Andrew, 46, said: “I was a bit shocked by the phone call from police as I never expected the car would be found – I was quickly told that it had been found and it had not been damaged at all, my day just got brighter.”

Police said inquiries are under way to trace the thief who may have towed the car away or used a low-loader as its keys were not taken.

The theft took place in the early hours of January 6 and the car was found in Waters Square, Norbiton, on January 21.

Community support officer Graham Brown, who found the car, said he realised the car was out of place immediately and further checks revealed it was stolen.

Sergeant Andrew Rice, who leads the Norbiton Safer Neighbourhood team, said officers have several clues about the identities of the culprits.