GMTV’s Fiona bids a teary farewell (VIDEO)

Fiona Phillips bid an emotional farewell to GMTV viewers as she left the top job on the sofa on Thursday.

Fiona, who joined the breakfast TV show at its launch in 1993 as entertainment correspondent, has described leaving as “one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made”.

But speaking about her home life responsibilities, the 47-year-old mother-of-two said she recognised that she could not have it all.

Fiona recently revealed how working on the show had put a strain on her marriage to the show’s editor Martin Frizell.

Speaking about her husband, she told Heat magazine: “Over the years, we have actively not talked about work and sometimes he’ll come home really depressed about work and he’ll go upstairs and we won’t speak about it.

“It’s been a real strain. I can say it now that I’m going.”

Asked in what way it had been a strain, Fiona said: “He’s the editor and there are things going on that he can’t talk about.

“It’s been difficult. Really difficult.”

In a webcast on the GMTV website on Thursday, Fiona answered viewers’ questions and delivered a farewell message, saying: “I just feel very privileged to have been in people’s homes for the last 16 years.”

Fighting back tears, she added: “This is what I’m going to be like tomorrow so don’t bother tuning in, it’s going to be a load of old rubbish.”

Those behind GMTV promised plenty of surprises in store for their departing star.

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