We love watching the Goggleboxers passionately critique the TV we’ve been watching over the last week, but today they’re getting tough with us.

Rather than mouth off about Jeremy Clarkson, Zayn Malik and the end of Downton Abbey the younger armchair critics are encouraging us to vote ahead of the general election.

This 30-second advert will be screened tonight during the Channel 4 show and features Scarlett, Tom and his brother Shaun (from the house with all the dogs), plus Eve and her ex Silent Jay who, we’ve got to admit, steals the show.



Gogglebox’s narrator Caroline Aherne is also on board, providing the voiceover for the ad. After the others have explained why they are signed up, Eve asks Silent Jay “Are you registered to vote?”

Caroline cuts in as the camera zooms in on the ever-silent Jay. “Don’t stay silent, your vote matters – make sure you’re in, register to vote before 20th April.”

We can expect to see the ad for the next three weeks across C4, E4, 4Music and All4.

Scarlett from Gogglebox

(Electoral Commission)


Not surprisingly, the Electoral Commission is very happy about the link up.

Michael Abbott, head of campaigns at the Electoral Commission, bigged up the deal.

“Our partnership with Gogglebox is a fantastic opportunity to reach millions of TV viewers and spread the message that the only way to have a vote at the general election is to be on the electoral register,” he said.

Details of how to register

(Electoral Commission)


“The show has a particular following amongst young people and we know that 18 to 24 year olds are less likely to be registered.”

If Scarlett, Tom, Shaun, Eve and Silent Jay have worked their magic on you click here to register.

Gogglebox is Channel 4′s biggest show of the year. So much for going out on Friday nights, the series is currently attracting an average of 4.9 million viewers per episode and consistently beats all other channels in drawing the highest share of 16-34 year old viewers at 9pm on Fridays.