Gogglebox’s ‘Silent’ Jay has plenty to say for himself!

Gogglebox star Jay Makin has finally spoken – and he says he’s not silent after all, it’s just that his words get edited out.

The shy 22-year-old has become famous on the Channel 4 show which films families around the UK as they watch TV, but Jay is known for staying completely quiet while his girlfriend’s family discuss the week’s viewing around him.

But, according to the Daily Star, Jay says he has plenty to say for himself, it’s just that the producers edit out his speech.

He claimed: “They cut the bits where I speak. Not really sure why, though. It’s kind of a running joke with us and the crew.”

Jay, from Birkenhead, recently posted a photo on Twitter of a new short haircut and explained that he had cut off his trademark long, bushy locks because so many people were stopping him to ask why he never spoke.

He also tweeted about his new-found celebrity status in being asked to meet a band he likes, Bury Tomorrow.

Jay wrote: “Feel like a celeb, Bury Tomorrow want to meet me because they watch Gogglebox and think I’m great, best year ever.