Gok Wan: How to avoid summer fashion traps

Makeover king Gok Wan tells TV Times magazine about the perfect wardrobe for those precious sunny days…

We haven’t seen you front a fashion show on TV for a while. How does it feel coming back with Gok’s Summer Catwalk – Live?
“It feels like I’m coming home, it’s great. I was always going to come back to fashion, but I just didn’t know when. Now feels like the right time.”

You’re going to be presenting a live fashion show! How do you feel?
“It has never been done before. I’m really nervous about it, and I want to make sure I do a proper job. There’s a reason you don’t do live fashion, so that’s going to be very scary in itself.”

Why is it so hard?
“Because you can’t organise and prep stuff. Dressing somebody in three hours is very hard because you want them to feel great in their outfit, but doing it in moments is even harder. So it’s going to be quite scary, but it’s exciting for that reason.”

For many people, the thought of wearing less and baring more in the warm weather fills them with dread…
“When it comes to summer, for that one month of the year you wear a completely different wardrobe and you have to do things differently. That is a big concern for a lot of women.”

Why is summer dressing so tricky?
“You can’t wear all the trick magic underwear stuff. You don’t have the same kind of level of tricks that you can wear in winter. It’s about getting more flesh out than you normally would; it’s about wearing fabrics, colours, tones, prints, that you probably normally wouldn’t wear because you feel far more visible to the world. And it’s about letting go I suppose. It’s like breathing out for a couple of months.”

Do you think summer dressing in the UK is particularly tough, too, because of our changeable weather?
“It’s the same thing as Asia, because they have monsoon season out there so they have to be dressed for the summer but also for rain, so I don’t think it’s exclusive to this country. But for some reason, we’re less prepared for it. When you go out to Asia, everyone’s got a brolly in their handbag – we just don’t seem to do that here!”

Have you got lots of handy advice to give us in this new series?
“Yes! When you’re looking at what to wear for the summer, don’t try and do stuff because you think you’ve got to do it because it’s in vogue or it’s now. Don’t feel like you have to buy into that at all. Do it because you like it.”

What do you hope viewers will take from Gok Live – Stripping for Summer?
“Hopefully I’m going to prove to everyone in this show is that there are tricks, and you definitely don’t need to worry about it as much as you do. And I hope that people will watch the show and think to themselves ‘I feel quite inspired now. I kind of know what I want to look like on my holiday – I’ve learnt a couple of tricks and I’m not going to worry about it as much’. If we do get that reaction, then we have done a really good job.”

Gok Live – Stripping for Summer screens on Channel 4 on Tuesday, July 4.

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