Gok Wan has revealed his earliest ambition – to become a farmer.

The How To Look Good Naked star dreamt of driving around a tractor and rearing animals in the countryside.

“My very earliest ambition was to be a farmer before I realised I don’t like dirt, and then that all went out of the window,” he told Dannii Minogue in an interview on MyDaily.co.uk.

“And then I wanted to be an actor. I was desperate to be an actor or a comedian, that was what I wanted to do when I was young. So I went off to drama school and I was told that I was the worst actor in the entire world, but had quite good communication skills.”

Gok then found work as a make-up artist after lying about his skills.

“When I left drama school, I had no money – I was living in a bedsit in north London, couldn’t pay the rent and was about to be thrown out when I rang a friend who worked in a magazine and asked for any work,” he recalled.

“She asked if I could do make-up and I said yes, of course. Lying Pinocchio-style! I only had some retail experience in high street stores, so I knew a bit about make-up, so I did all my girlfriends’ faces before the job started – they looked like drag queens for the next four days!”