Goldie goes to Buckingham Palace!

Drum & bass star Goldie sets out to discover talented young singers, songwriters and musicians from disadvantaged backgrounds in a new BBC Two series, Goldie’s Band: By Royal Appointment (Saturday).

The programme follows the former Maestro contestant and EastEnders actor as he chooses 12 youngsters to perform their own compositions at a concert at Buckingham Palace attended by Prince Harry. They receive coaching from music experts, including singer Cerys Matthews, rapper Ms Dynamite, composer Guy Chambers and jazz artist Soweto Kinch.

TV&Satellite Week magazinecaught up with the actor, DJ and musician to hear more…

I wanted to find musicians who are under the music industry’s radar… It’s about doing something to help kids who are from difficult backgrounds. I wanted to shine a light on the problems they face through the power of their music.

This show is the opposite of The X Factor… We’re not about making people cry on camera when you reject them. I don’t think that’s the right message for young people.

I thought my own story of being in care all my childhood was tough until I met these young people… You hear their lives reflected in the music they make and you can see them using their music to heal themselves.

One person we found was an astonishing banjo player called Lester Allen… He has suffered mental problems after witnessing a murder. Another boy, Shahid Khan, was kidnapped when he was three and taken to Pakistan by his mum’s boyfriend.

I couldn’t help reflecting on my own son’s story… He’s in prison for murder. Life is about choices. The people in this series made the choice to persevere with their music in difficult circumstances in the hope that positive things would happen. My son made the wrong choice and he is paying the price for that.

Prince Harry was so supportive… We met at a festival and I told him what I was doing. He not only got us Buckingham Palace to perform in, but also took time out from his military training to be there. Playing at Buckingham Palace was an amazing first gig for these kids.

I’d like the band to do more shows… But I think when the record companies get wind of certain people we’ve found they’re going to sign them up. I just hope they will treat them with the respect they deserve.

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