Gone Girl | DVD review – Flynn & Fincher’s enjoyably slippery suspense thriller reveals a marriage’s dark secrets

Gone Girl - Ben Affleck as Nick Dunn

A warring married couple’s dark secrets spill forth in this enjoyably slippery suspense thriller based on Gillian Flynn’s bestselling page-turner of a novel, Gone Girl. Rosamund Pike’s golden girl Amy has gone missing. Is husband Nick (Ben Affleck) to blame for her disappearance? As the cunning mystery unfolds amid a media feeding frenzy, director David Fincher tugs our sympathies this way and that while springing narrative twists and traps with stomach-lurching suddenness. Affleck is excellent, showing a furtive side to his bland good looks, but it’s Pike who steals the film with her scarily chilly portrayal of a woman whose glacial beauty hides fierce passions. After all is revealed you’ll debate the outcome for days.


Certificate 18. Runtime 90 mins. Director David Fincher.

Released on Blu-ray & DVD by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment on Monday 2nd February and available on Digital HD.

Blu-ray special features: Audio Commentary by David Fincher; ‘Amazing Amy Tattle Tale’ Book


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