Good People | Film review – Dodgy windfall lands London expats James Franco & Kate Hudson in desperate straits

Struggling to get out of debt in London, expat American couple James Franco and Kate Hudson find an illicit £220,000 stash after their dodgy downstairs tenant turns up dead in Good People. But keeping the windfall lands them in desperate straits when brutal local gangster Sam Spruell and smooth Parisian drug dealer Omar Sy both come looking for the loot.

This low-rent crime thriller’s London setting never feels convincing – despite the presence of Tom Wilkinson’s dogged Met copper – and the film’s action-packed climax, which sees the couple fending off the bad ’uns using power tools, is even more implausible.

Certificate 15. Runtime 88 mins. Director Henrik Ruben Genz

Good People is released in cinemas and on Digital HD on 21st August.

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