TV chef Gordon Ramsay is being chased for more than two million dollars in unpaid US taxes, according to the News Of The World.

The paper reports that Ramsay has received three tax bills in eight months, with the latest bringing the total amount owed to nearly £1.3m.

It’s thought that the 43-year-old may have to dip into his personal fortune to meet the tax demands, with a risk of his restaurants being seized by tax officers if repayment plans are not met.

A spokesman for Ramsay said that the bills were not personal tax liabilities nor were the obligations personally related to him.

“This relates specifically to a restaurant operation in New York which has been restructured,” the spokesman said. “Conversations are in hand with US authorities to settle outstanding corporate liabilities.”

The chef – whose new US TV show Masterchef topped the ratings this week – suffered a further blow on Friday with the closure of his restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa.

Maze, which was situated at the One and Only resort in Cape Town and has several branches around the world, was modelled on Ramsay’s successful Maze restaurant in London’s Grosvenor Square.

An insider told the Mail On Sunday that Ramsay was not to blame for the closure.

“It has been well reported that the hotel isn’t doing well and that Maze suffered as a result,” the source said.

“Ramsay still feels Maze as a brand is a success. He is consulting for Maze in Doha while Maze in London and the newly opened one in Melbourne are doing very well.”