There aren’t many people who get the better of Gordon Ramsay – but his wife Tana is putting the celebrity chef firmly in his place.

Tana is currently appearing in The Market Kitchen on UKTV Food and her book Family Kitchen was published last year.

“Her book is outselling mine,” admits Gordon. “I got a text as I got back from America last week which said, ‘Jamie Oliver – 2,300 copies. Tana Ramsay – 2,900 copies’, so she even outsold him last week! It’s getting very competitive in the house.”

But one thing she won’t be competing in is his new search for a female foodie – called, imaginatively, Find Me A Fanny (after Fanny Cradock) – as part of his new series of The F Word.

Gordon laughs off questions as to whether Tana has submitted a showreel, saying diplomatically: “No, she’s too busy.”

The search isn’t a joke though, he insists.

“The female presence on screen today is very weak, which is very frustrating. Think of the reputation Fanny Cradock had – she put the stake in the ground for us all, along with Keith Floyd.

“We’ve had 22-year-olds, 72-year-olds, all sorts,” he continues. “I’m fed up of male chefs on television. Some of those guys are awful. They come into the industry for superficial reasons, so once that’s over, what are they going to return to?

“I want to bring on the next Angela Hartnett [his chef de patron at London’s Connaught], or find the next Delia Smith.”