F-Word host Gordon Ramsay feared for his life when a diving trip went wrong during filming.

The outspoken chef was searching for giant crabs under an ice sheet in Arctic Norway when his support lights went out, leaving him in total darkness.

As he scrambled towards the surface, he began to panic about being able to find the narrow ice hole from which he had set off on his dive.

“It’s fair to say that I was absolutely s******* myself,” he told the Sunday Mirror. “There was a moment I thought it was all over.”

The scene was shown on last week’s F-Word, but viewers only saw an edited version of the dive, without Gordon’s near-death adventure.

“He was down there with a cameraman,” a production insider added. “Everything was going fine. He was hunting around on the bottom trying to find a crab. But suddenly the lights went off and Gordon was in pitch black. He wasn’t sure where the hole was and started to panic.”

“All the safety measures were in place and he would never have really been in danger. We’d have had someone down to him in minutes. But when you are down there it can feel like the loneliest place in the world…”