Gordon Ramsay runs penultimate marathon

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has said that next year’s London Marathon will be his last.

The 41-year-old – who took part in the Flora London Marathon for the ninth consecutive time at the weekend – said: “I always said I’d do 10 for the charities, so next year’s the last one.”

Gordon – who finished the 26-mile course around London in three hours and 45 minutes – also thanked the crowds for their support.

After finishing the run, he said: “There were thousands of people who came out today – they were fantastic.

“As I was coming over Tower Bridge, someone shouted, ‘Run, Fat Boy, Run’ – I don’t know if they were talking to me.”

The cook, who was raising money for causes including spina bifida, also said he preferred running in the rain because “a bit of drizzle is better than last year’s heat”.

Meanwhile, former Big Brother winner Kate Lawler said it was ‘the first and last time’ she would run a marathon.

Kate, who completed the race in four hours and 54 minutes, said: “Never will I put my body through that again.”

Running in skimpy black Ann Summers knickers, Kate said that she attracted lots of attention from some of the other runners.

“People were saying I was holding them up because they didn’t want to run past. Others said ‘thanks for keeping us going’,” she said.

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