Gordon Ramsay looks unrecognisable as a woman in new series

The TV chef is looking very different in his latest series…

Gordon Ramsay has disguised himself in a blonde wig, yellow hat and a patterned blouse and trousers for his latest show. The iconic chef even got a makeup team to do his makeup and eyebrows!

The Hell’s Kitchen star shared a clip to his Instagram account, which showed a behind the scenes look at his new series, 24 Hours to Hell and Back, and how he gets into his cunning disguise.

Gordon’s undercover alias is Libby-Lou, a member of a weekly book club who will be dining at a family-run restaurant. He explains that they’re located in a very busy intersection, but they can’t get customers to come in.

His Instagram caption read, This dude looks like a lady tonight on an all new @24hoursfox ….. @tanaramsay I apologize in advance.”


Alongside other “book club” members, a disguised Gordon orders off the menu to sample the food and see exactly what the problem is. As you can imagine, it doesn’t go very well.

The first problem is that they end up waiting half an hour for one meal to arrive, and Gordon is dissatisfied with the quality of it.

Exasperated, Gordon tells the group, “We’ve been waiting half an hour and we get one catfish. Look how dry that is!”

He then studies the pork chop, describing it as “so fried” and “way overcooked”.

Trying another dish, served with prawns, he admits it “tastes like cough medicine” before standing up and addressing the room.

Gordon has donned many disguises in 24 Hours to Hell and Back, including a grandpa, a firefighter, and even a Hell’s Angel.

He does this to really surprise restaurant owners, who don’t have a clue he’s arriving to judge their food. What will his next disguise be?

24 Hours to Hell and Back is available to stream in the UK via All 4.

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