Gordon Ramsay has vowed not to let tabloid revelations that he had an affair wreck his 12-year marriage.

The fiery TV chef is appalled that wife Tana has been humiliated by claims by writer Sarah Symonds of a seven-year affair and has assured her he has only met Sarah four times, according to reports in The Mirror.

Gordon apparently told a friend: “I’m so sorry I’ve put Tana through this. I’ve apologised to her and feel absolutely dreadful. She really doesn’t deserve all this grief.”

The couple have apparently held crisis talks at their £4 million home in south London to save their marriage.

The friend told the paper: “Gordon was honest with Tana. It was the least he could do in the light of all that’s happened.

“He’s so remorseful over putting her and the kids through such an ordeal. As you would expect, he’s also very angry and says a lot of it is complete b******s.”

Sarah claims she began an affair with Gordon after meeting him in a nightclub and says she bought legal sex drugs in Soho for their hotel trysts.

Sarah insists she can prove she had sex with the chef because she can identify an intimate scar on his body.

She is expected to make more revelations this weekend.

Gordon, famous for speaking his mind on TV, has not spoken publicly about the revelations and has cancelled several TV appearances.