Perhaps it’s not surprising for a chef, but Gordon Ramsay reckons a woman in the kitchen can be quite sexy.

The star, who’s launching a search for a new female chef as part of The F Word, says: “When I think of some of the girls I worked with in France, and listening to Angela [Hartnett, his chef de patron at the Connaught] when she flies off the handle – it’s quite sexy. It sounds great.”

And he says the Find Me A Fanny search – named for the famous Fanny Cradock – is looking for someone who can hold their own.

“Anyone that can present, looks good in a ball gown, can beat the crap out of their husband and then beat the crap out of me,” he says.

“I’m sure that person is there, and we’re already having some horrendous clips coming in, just on the back of the website.”

There’s no reason why women should feel intimidated about picking a career as a chef, he adds.

“Girls can stand up for themselves in the kitchen just as well as men can. I suppose I’ve come to the end of the road, because it has become so male dominated, it’s like a losing battle.”

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