It’s estimated that the F-word was used 240 times on Gordon Ramsay‘s latest TV show, prompting a call for action from media watchdog Ofcom.

Over 103 minutes of Gordon’s Great British Nightmare, there were 312 swear words, with 37 expletives in one 95-second scene.

Ironically, the show was screened on Channel 4 the day after Ramsay promised he wouldn’t swear on a US version of his cook-along series, a deal he’s signed with the Fox network.

There were complaints from 49 viewers immediately after Great British Nightmares on Friday.

On Sunday former Labour minister Denis MacShane said: “Gordon Ramsay might be a good chef, but he is a terrible role model to every child and adolescent in Britain. He is giving two-fingers to people who care about the English language. Channel 4 should give Britain a break from this foul-mouthed soup-stirrer.

“This is a clear breach of Ofcom’s rules on swearing and it should launch an investigation into the programme immediately.”

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