Gordon Ramsay’s cooking show set for women’s jail

Gordon Ramsay has said that he plans to make a second series of his show teaching convicts cooking skills – but it will be in a women’s prison.

The first series of Gordon Behind Bars, which sees him teaching convicts at Brixton Prison how to cook and set up a bakery business, pulled in an audience of around 2.9m when it debuted on Tuesday night.

And despite him admitting it was a tough series to make, the celebrity chef said he was prepared to do it all over again.

“There is an idea about going into a ladies’ prison which would be interesting,” Gordon said. “And I would definitely go back to Brixton.”

He added that he had also received support from prime minister David Cameron in his bid to get more prisoners working, after meeting him at a recent charity event.

He asked how it was going and I said that it was tough and that I found it harder than I had expected,” Gordon said. “We have sent the business plan in and are following everything up because it needs supporting.”

“Think of all of those people in prison and barely ten per cent are getting anywhere near work. I believe there are massive missed opportunities in prisons.”

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