Gordon Ramsay is worried his children will swear on TV during his live Cookalong.

The fiery TV chef will have his three children – Megan, 10, eight-year-old Jack and Tilly, six – assisting him during his live cooking show on Channel 4 this Friday.

But he admitted he is concerned that his children might show him up if things go wrong in the kitchen. “I don’t think we should put a camera on them because when it goes tits-up they’re all going to be swearing,” he said to The Sun.

Gordon also revealed that Jack is ‘obsessed’ with a tiny Ramsay look-a-like video on YouTube called Little Gordon.

Gordon, 41, said: “It took me about three hours to explain it wasn’t me talking to nanny.”

The clip features a young blond boy in chef’s whites swearing at his mother and giving unsuccessful restaurants the sort of treatment they could expect on Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

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