Gorka Marquez won’t be making a complaint to police after Blackpool assault

Strictly pro dancer Gorka Marquez will not be making a complaint to police, although they're still investigating Saturday's assault

A Strictly Come Dancing spokesperson says dancer Gorka Marquez will not be making a formal complaint to the police after he was assaulted on Saturday.

Marquez, 26, ‘just wanted to move on’ after the unprovoked attack.

He was attacked after filming the Strictly at Blackpool show as he was heading to a nightclub with fellow dancers Aljaz Korencs and Neil Jones and his injuries included two broken teeth, which have been repaired by a dentist.

According to the BBC, a Lancashire Police spokesperson said: “We have checked CCTV and spoken to the club and inquiries continue.

“We have had no formal complaint from Mr Marquez.”

After the attack, Marquez tweeted: “Thanks for all your kind messages and support about Blackpool.

“It was a bad experience but I’m feeling better and just want to look forward to the show on Saturday!”


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